Detail Concerning Matthew Sawyer's World in the Pazuzu Trilogy -

     There is no good, no happy endings - there is no God. Here is the world of the Shur desert. An ocean borders the waste on its northwest side, but there is nothing else. Nomadic heathens have lived in the Shur for generations, waging cold war jihads against their enemies the Chosen.

      The Chosen live with the meek UnChosen on oases plagued by heathen terrorism. Chosen and UnChosen share the same religion and petition the Mortal God the Chosen tribes crucified and eviscerated before the heathen holy wars began. The death of the Mortal God divided clan and cast. Understand, there was One God - the Chosen's Mortal God and Living God of the heathen were the same entity. Frustrated with unrepentant sinners, that God has abandoned His world.

      In His place, alien gods have arrived. Nodding to the forlorn HP Lovecraft, these un-living aliens claim providence. A demon wakes who denies the will of this chaotic pantheon. That demon is Pazuzu and the fiend hides from this world's new overlords. Pazuzu seeks a mortal body it might possess and walk the Shur in disguise.

      The demon finds Benedict Gage, a man readers meet face-to-face as he crosses the Shur bareback and without his memory. Ben Gage is an impractical vessel, so the man and demon come to Khetam. Khetam is a Chosen monument city surrounded by a polished limestone wall. Drugs, propaganda, exploitation and prejudice have weakened this wall and all sorts of malcontents sneak inside. The disaffected, illegal migrants at Saint Erasmus become the focus of the trilogy. Here, Pazuzu and Benedict Gage find a body the demon can use. At the same time, their actions solicit the attention of the Chosen's Church and alien gods. This is when heathens announce they have breached the Chosen's Wall and set Khetam afire and the Pazuzu Trilogy reaches its climax.

      The story does not end when the Chosen's Promised Land burns. Instead, readers witness the individual fates of everyone whose lives Pazuzu has personally touched. There is the price paid when evil combats evil in a world where there is no God.

Books in the Pazuzu Trilogy -

PAZUZU – MANIFESTATION, the first book in the trilogy.

PAZUZU – EMERGENCE, the second book.

PAZUZU – ABEYANCE is the last book of the trilogy.

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