"Pazuzu" Trilogy Synopsis -

Fleeing for their lives, a couple lowly UnChosen hope they'll breach the Wall around the Chosen's Promised Land. The Chosen call their guarded city Khetam. Inside the city, the Cortras brothers believe they'll find safety from a crime lord named Judah Ismael and heathen terrorists.

Before their flight, the two brothers had accidentally killed Ismael's nephew. They now cross the Shur desert and encounter a man wandering the waste alone. They believe he is a heathen terrorist and hope there is a reward for his arrest. They rescue him from the Shur and the stranger joins the Cortras brothers. He doesn't tell them about the voice following him. One man, suffering amnesia, carries salvation and damnation from the desert.

Simultaneous the accident and the flight of the Cortras brothers, Robber Klopas is contracted to kill an extorting priest inside Khetam. This brings him to an encounter with the demon his victims have brought from the Shur. Pazuzu claims the occupants of Saint Erasmus and does not tolerate interruptions - the fiend's scheme has coalesced. Once everyone arrives in the Promised Land, Pazuzu chooses the body he will possess - the next step in a purported battle against alien gods.

Achieving his goal, Pazuzu claims a human body. The demon steals the frame of a miserable boy and makes the mother a missionary. Before Jillie Ikram dies, she proclaims her demon-possessed son is the messiah - the reincarnation of the Chosen's eviscerated Mortal God. Meanwhile, the younger Cortras is arrested and beaten by the Chosen's military and sent to a detention camp outside Khetam.

At the camp, Hen Cortras meets real-life heathens. The prisoners escape and Hen joins their march against the Chosen's Promised Land. The heathen attack already starts behind the monumental Wall and Khetam burns. Pazuzu and Benedict Gage, his heathen minister, now cross the smouldering Promised Land in search of the flock gathered by the mother of the possessed boy. The alien gods are now aware of the demon moving through the world and they send monsters.

Description of the bleak world portrayed in the "Pazuzu" trilogy available here.

Books in the "Pazuzu" Trilogy -

"PAZUZU – MANIFESTATION," the first book in the trilogy.

"PAZUZU – EMERGENCE," the second book in the trilogy.

"PAZUZU – ABEYANCE" is the last book of the trilogy.

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